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The art of remixing video game music reaches far past electronic and house. It can be orchestral, a cappella, and jazz. It can be a simply written waltz or a complex composition for a string quartet. There are many ways you can experience the music of Mega Man, Kingdom Hearts, and more – the only thing that we look for here is that it was created with enthusiasm for the artform. Through our two hour show we can experience fun and surprising music; and throughout it all we get to hear the best Nerdcore the internet can buy. Mega Ran, Wreck the System, Sulfur, Kadesh Flow, and more can be heard rhyming about comics, role-playing games, and anime during the second hour.

Nerdy music isn’t just for nerds – even if you’ve never picked up a controller or read a graphic novel, music made just for the love of the subject is always fun to experience. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with all of us!

Live Broadcasts:

Mondays at 9pm (est) on Valley Free Radio, 103.3fm in the Northampton area

Fridays at 9pm (cst) on Pulse Radio, 96.1fm in North Chicago

Fridays at 8:30pm (ast) on CKDU Dalhousie University, 88.1fm in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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